cotton + steel giveaway!!!

21 November 2014

we haven't had a giveaway in f o r e v e r!
am i right?
well, that's about to change, folks.
the lovely peeps over at fat quarter shop really, really love y'all.
how much?
so much that we are giving away 4 BUNDLES of cotton + steel basics!!!
i know i've said it before, but i have literally never wanted to win my own giveaway as bad as i do now.
must. have. all. these. fabrics.
so, here's the deal, FOUR lucky ps i quilt readers will win ONE bundle each.
to enter, leave a comment.
any comment will do.
remember, flattery will get you everywhere. KIDDING. ;)
winner will be announced tuesday!

happy commenting!
xo, rachel

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18 November 2014

i'm "sew cool" because i grow attached to my trimmings while i cut fabrics. how attached? well, for starters, i take a picture of them and then post it on instagram. (; #dontjudge #rachelisms #pwtsewcool
i grow attached to my trimmings while i cut fabrics.
how attached?
well, for starters, i take a picture.

what about y'all?
do you ooh and aah over your trimmings? keep them? reuse them? take pics of them? throw them away?
inquiring minds want to know.

xo, rachel

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y'all guessed it!

19 September 2014

consider this my confession for jumping on the bandwagon.  #modernmaples
i have finally jumped aboard the modern maples bandwagon.
i'm SUPER excited to make this quilt.

y'all know me, i'm kind of addicted to fall.
so, why not have a really adorable fall quilt?

i started out using mostly katie jump rope fabrics. (shown in previous post.)
but once i started cutting fabrics, i took out a few and added a few others.
i love my first block.
what do y'all think?

oh, and for those of y'all that don't know about the modern maples quilt, here's some logistics:
modern maples was designed by amanda jennings of hey porkchop!
she designed the quilt for john adams' (quilt dad) book, pretty in patchwork: holidays.
there's even a whole flickr group devoted entirely to modern maples. sigh.

have you made your own modern maples quilt?
if not, do wanna join along?
apparently, there's a little sew along going on over on instagram. (#simplymodernmaples)
OR if you wanna drool over even more modern maples, there's always #modernmaples via instagram.

xo, rachel

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a little fall fun.

10 September 2014

oh, hi.
so, i've been hoarding these lovelies for quite some time.
i pulled them out the other day, and i think i have a plan.
do y'all have a guess as to what i'm doing with them?

here are some hints about the pattern i plan on using ...
it is NOT my pattern
it IS a fall pattern
and i'm almost positive you've seen a handful of these quilts via blogs, instagram & flickr.

any guesses?

xo, rachel

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tap, tap.

04 June 2014

our babies at the lake. <3 #iheartmybabies #familyismyfavorite
hey, y'all.
i'm here dusting off this ol' blog of mine.
on one hand, i didn't mean to take a break this long.
but on the other hand, it was much needed.

once upon a time, i fell in love with this marine that just happened to be a northerner.
well, this southern gal moved up north with him and started a family.
we loved starting our family in ohio.
we made many, many memories there.
and after much deliberation, this past april, we packed up our house and moved to my home state of georgia.

my kids and i spent the first few months of the year in ohio while my husband was here in georgia working at his new job.
it's been quite the transition, but we did it!

i'm proud to say that we moved back to my old stomping grounds.
it feels so good to be back in the south.
i can't wait for my kids to experience growing up here like i did.
and i think it's really awesome that they have experienced growing up a bit in the north just like their daddy.
everyone seems to love it here which makes my heart really, really happy.

we're still trying to get completely settled in, but i'm trying to get back in the swing of things.
i finally sat at my machine for the first time in forever.
man, that felt good.
it was like riding a bike. until i had to use my seam ripper. HA.

in my absence, i've been teaching, working on new designs and even mastered the art of putting in a zipper!
say whaaaaaat?!?! LOL.

what have y'all been up to?

xo, rachel

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