03 June 2015

i've been working hard on a new pattern release.
i have four new patterns in all.
i'll share the first two with y'all this week.
the last two will follow along soon.

up first, sashay.

this quilt is layer cake friendly.
if y'all are anything like me, i like to hoard, i mean, stash layer cakes.
so, grab your favorite layer cake, some coordinating fabrics, and a background ... boom. you're done.

this quilt does use a template, which is in included, but don't let that put you off.
it's simple to piece and goes together smoothly.

sashay. close up
i love this design and i'm hoping that y'all will, too.

quilt stats:
size = 70" x 70"
fabric = happy go lucky by bonnie & camille for moda
quilting = darla padilla

so, if you're looking for your own sashay pattern:
the pdf pattern is available HERE. (ships via email after your purchase.)
be sure to share your sashay quilts on social media using #SashayQuilt. i can't wait to see what you make!

xo, rachel

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thankfulness. (& a giveaway!)

16 April 2015

y'all seriously made my heart happy with all of your encouragement, loveliness, and well wishes. thank you. xoxo. #borrowedfrompinterest
y'all seriously made my heart happy with all of your encouragement, loveliness, and well wishes.
although, i couldn't personally respond to every email or comment, please know that i read every single one.
y'all really are the best readers a girl could ask for.
so, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

so, let's have a GIVEAWAY!!! to enter, visit fat quarter shop (@fatquartershop has the link in their profile) and pick a precut you love!!! it can be fat quarters, layer cakes, charm packs or whatever your heart desires. then, post a picture of it in your
also, i'm having a giveaway via instagram! (i'm @rachelgriffith)
today is the last day, so come check it out if free fabric is your thing. (;

xo, rachel

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baby steps.

31 March 2015

escapade loves poseidon.
so, here's the truth, i've been battling some health problems.

i have suffered from anemia for years, thanks to an iron deficiency.
with each pregnancy, it became progressively worse.
i felt it getting worse this last summer/fall, but i tried my damndest to push through it.
that's what we moms and business owners do, right?

well, apparently, i was pushing too hard.
or maybe i'm just a stubborn southern woman.
either way, there finally came a day, when i just had to cave.

on top of having iron-deficiency anemia, i've been hard on myself.
i've been disgusted with my inability to just be myself.
(why are we so hard on ourselves?)
my body wouldn't let me get off my couch to cook supper, let alone, run a business.
needless to say, i was in a dark place, emotionally, as well as physically.
and that's the truth.

as most of y'all know, i stopped teaching, blogging, and hanging out with you via social media.
behind the scenes, i stopped quilting all together.
quilting is just the surface, really.
and at the end of the day, the things that mattered most, i really felt like i was failing at.
like being a good wife, mother, and friend.

i am behind on everything under the sun, BUT i'm writing to tell y'all that i am seeing a light at the end of this tunnel.
thanks to a new medical course of action, i'm starting to feel more and more like myself.
i'm thankful that we seem to have tapped into my anemia when we did and have things turning around in the right direction.
and furthermore, i'm super thankful for every single one of you that has reached out to inquire about my family and i.

i'm trying to take baby steps here and get my feet wet.
even if it is, just dipping my toes in the shallow end.
so, if you're waiting on an order or an email, please know that i haven't forgotten about you! mean it!

xo, rachel

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almost five christmases later.

12 December 2014

boom. done. �� miss lindsey FINALLY has a stocking, folks! (the other one is for my stepdaughter, rebecca!) #sewingwithpsiquilt
if y'all follow along via instagram, chances are, you know that i spent yesterday making these lovelies.
(i'm @rachelgriffith if you're interested.)

miss lindsey was born in september of 2010.
i'm sure some of y'all remember this.
(yes, it's really been that long ago!)

well, back in 2007, i made stocking for everyone in our house.
when lindsey was born, i told myself i needed to make her a stocking, too.
here we are, almost five christmases later, and that baby FINALLY gets her stocking.
mother of the year award goes to ... ;)

xo, rachel

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quilt calendar 2015.

10 December 2014

quilt calendar 2015.
if y'all are anything like me, you wait until the last minute to get a calendar for the upcoming year.
generally, i'm the girl at the mall, on new year's day, pondering the leftovers at the pop-up calendar store.
(do i want cats? or motorcycle mamas?)
well, folks, things are changing this year!!!

quilts made with love.
y'all remember my book, quilts made with love, right?
well, the lovely peeps at martingale chose one of my book quilts to be featured in their 2015 calendar.
see, look ...

quilt calendar 2015.
that's me, miss january. :)

even if you already have my book, there's 11 more beautiful quilts for you to enjoy as the year goes by.
and let me tell y'all, they are yummy.

there's something for both the modern and traditional quilter!
the projects range in size from wall hangings to bed sized quilts.
and on top of the quilty eye candy, step by step instructions are included for each month!
awesome, right?!

so, y'all grab one for yourself, your quilty friend, or even your mother in law.
it's the gift that keeps on giving.
(purchase via amazon, here.)

xo, rachel

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