luck o' the irish weekend

31 March 2008

o-righty then. i'm excited to share with yall that i actually got lots-O-work done on my irish quilt this weekend. {thank heavens!} in a previous blog i told yall that since st. patty's day passed i was so unmotivated to work on the irish quilt, but this weekend i must have stumbled upon a good ol' four leaf clover because i was very motivated and had a blast. i transformed my fabric into a wonderful piece of art, and i think that i love this quilt more than any i've done so far. {it must be the irish in me.} good news is: quilt top is completely assembled, applique is on. so all i have to do is layer, quilt and bind. bad news is: this is a gift for my bestest friend and i have to say farewell to my most favoritest quilt. lol. {note to self: add making another irish quilt to my list.} pictures will be posted soon!!!! {i told myself i wasn't aloud to post a pic until it was motivation to myself.}

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