jack sparrow & rhett butler

03 April 2008

so...i don't claim to be a genius. i am southern, so i have my fair share of slow minutes. lol. but i had a great "duh moment" yesterday. i always keep a quilting magazine {or three} in the bathroom for reading. and as my toddlers were playing in the tub, i was glancing through the april 08 issue of ap&q {for the millionth time i might add} and it hit me...page 70-79...like a mac truck. i think i even saw the bulb light above my head. lol. {these quilts were part of the feature cover quilt, two of a kind, with the mother/daughter team. the daughter's quilt is this bright, fun quilt made of beautiful batiks. and the mother's is made of this awesome assorted 1930's prints. i'm sure that most of yall will know what i'm talking about, but i will insert a pic.} anyways, i thought to myself, how cool would it be to make these quilts for my momma and my ma-inlaw. my momma is a woman young at heart, loves caribbean colors, and lives in charleston with bright yellow walls. and my ma-inlaw is this traditional type of gal, loves floral prints, and even has a gone with the wind room in her house. how perfect did that work out??? i pitched this idea to my hubby last night, and he LOVED it. yayyy for me. so, my only question is: do i make them for their bdays {one in july & one in september}, or give the quilts to them for christmas? what do yall think? either way, i'm super excited. and i just might jump up and dance. tehehe.

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