the power of a quilt

24 April 2008

i write this with a very heavy heart. my cousin jimmy passed away last night. he's my second cousin, and was best friends with my daddy while i was growing up. he leaves behind his wife, becky, along with their 2 children, josh who is 19 and ariel who is 8. the cause of death has still not been announced, but they are thinking diabetic comma or massive heart attack. we won't know until the autopsy is finished. i called my aunt mildred, jimmy's mother, this morning to pay my respects. {because i am in ohio, while my family is in georgia.} she enacted her night to me over the phone, and i honest to god feel like that was the hardest phone call i've ever made in my life. and just when i thought i had myself put together again she simply said, "last night i slept under the quilt you made ariel when she was born." and i just wept. i had forgotten all about this quilt. i made it when i was 16 years old, i don't even remember what it looks like. but her saying that quite honestly took my breath away. she said it was tattered, but still usable. and i don't know why i'm compelled to sit here and write this to yall while i cry, but i felt like i had to tell someone who would understand. so please don't EVER underestimate your work or how it could effect someone, because it could bring great comfort to someone when you least expect it. and for me to know that my aunt is grieving for her son, curled up in a baby blanket made for her granddaughter a million and a half years ago, just touches me. deeply.

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