quilt me...i'm irish

27 April 2008

okay...so i have come to the realization that there's a reason why i was dragging my feet on the irish quilt. i'd like to think it's because god knew that i would need something to occupy myself this weekend. {today is my cousin jimmy's funeral...in georgia. and i'm sad to say that i could not make it home on such short notice.} so i decided i should try to keep my mind busy by working on the irish quilt. in the past few days i have completely finished the applique AND i finished the quilt label last night. {the 1st one i've ever made i might add.} and so far today i have attached the quilt label to the back, sandwiched it, and pinned it with quilter's pins. so, i'm SUPER excited to tell yall that the irish quilt is ready for quilting. i'm not happy for the reason i've been compelled to work on it so diligently, but i am VERY happy that it's getting done. and in my next bog, yall should expect to see the LONG awaited pictures of the irish quilt...yayyy.

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