endless love: on hold

02 June 2008

well i gotta tell yall...i am at a stand still on the "endless love" quilt. i miscalculated the picture, by accident, and i cut it too short. {talk about being frustrated.} anywho i went to print another one, on my LAST piece of photo fabric, and my printer decided to run out of ink. {even more frustrated.} so i have a printed fabric picture...half is beautiful and the other is black and white. yuck-o. and with it taking $100+ to fill the gas tank, while providing necessities to 3 children, ink and photo fabric weren't in the fundage this pay period. but as soon as i can get to work on it, i promise yall will know. i have been working on a few different things. {and finished a few things!} pictures will follow soon...i promise.

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