jumpin' in with both feet

07 June 2008

mmkkayyy. so i am VERY excited about my next project. i hope yall will be excited with me. lol. i am jumping in with both feet with this one!!! i have decided, with much anticipation, to enter the ohio outdoor quilt festival. *whoo i said it!* i am EXTREMELY excited...and nervous, but i'm gonna do it!!! i have decided, with much persuasion from the hubby, to try to enter 3 major quilts {1 my own personal design and 2 coming from a magazine or book} and then a few smaller quilts. *whoo i said that too!* i have a huge support system through my family & friends, they are all as excited as i am. but i need my quilting family to support me too. tehehe. so what do yall think??? honestly???

a FEW things about the ohio outdoor quilt festival: it's august 9th. you will see about 400+ {yes i said 400+} quilts hanging on barns and century old buildings. {how awesome is that???} it is NOT a juried show. all visitors are handed a ballot to vote for their favorites. you can offer your quilts for sale OR just take them for the viewing pleasure of others. this year the catergories are: most popular, best use of color, most unusual, most popular vintage quilt, and most popular small quilt. {are you as excited as i am yet???} lol.

here's a link to their website: http://web.mac.com/ohiooutdoorquiltfest/iWeb/Ohio%20Outdoor%20Quilt%20Festival/Welcome.html

so check it out. and if any of yall are going already, we have to meet!!! seriously!!! and for those of yall that aren't going, trust me when i say, "i will take a million pictures to share with yall!"

so now that i've told you all about it, i will tell you about my 1st entry. are you ready for this??? my heart is pounding just typing this and showing it to yall. and i would not be lying if i told yall that i'm so happy i have tears in my eyes. *don't laugh!* {wait i gotta laugh at myself. okay i'm done!} so drumroll please...here is the pattern i'm using for entry #1...and the following picture is the fabrics i have chosen to use.

the pattern is holly holderman of lakehouse dry goods. it was featured in american patchwork & quilting june 08 issue. now instead of using white like she did, i wanna use the cream. and where her design is yellow, i will be using the blues. and where her small floral print is used, i will be using the lightest pink/cream fabric. {that will also be the prairie points.} and then obviously the pinks will be where her pinks are. it will be the same size as hers, 82' square. and the only huge, huge difference is i am NOT doing those big floral blocks, i'm doing something special there. something that will be unveiled later. {i promise yall will love it!}

i will let yall know the other major pattern{s} i have chosen when this one is about done. i don't wanna overwhelm myself. {that's why at the top i said "TRY to enter 3 major quilts"} but i should tell yall, that i am working on one of the smaller quilts already. it should be done this weekend. yayyy.

so what do yall think??? honestly???

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manders said...

I cannot wait to see your quilt festival projects! Just remind me to come out there with you that weekend! You know me **wink** I'll forget!! LOL.....

Luv, Mon

Kizzy said...

hi i came to you blog today good job you are doing I'm new to blogging so come and see my blog when you find time

Edna said...

I L.O.V.E. this pattern too and your color choices are awesome. How's it coming??

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