132 more days!!!

14 August 2008

so i did it.
i joined my 1st 'blogland' swap.

elf donna emailed us our swap partners and we are offically underway!!!
i'm looking VERY foward to making my partner her gift.
{i'm sworn to secretcy as to who that is...lol.}

and if my partner is reading this:
hi there!!! welcome to my blog.
take off your shoes and stay awhile.
{and thanks in advance for being my secret santa!!!}

so with that being said...i'm gonna go get the show on the road.

p.s. christmas is in 132 more days!!!

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Jessica said...

Oh man, you have Christmas fever, too?!? I wanted to join a swap like that but felt a little bit overwhelmed with the start of the school year and everything. Oh well, I can't believe the holidays are not that far away!

Chookyblue...... said...

I had a christmas tree counting down on my blog last year.........must find it again and put on the blog...........lol.........

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