eye candy for all.

23 August 2008

fat quarters!!!
oh how i love thee.
let me count thy ways.
all 77 of them.

aren't they the best form of eye candy???
{besides...you know...gerard butler. brad pitt. or jason statham.}

these were part of the 'motherload' shipped to me on thursday.


p.s. hubby if you are reading this:
know that the above mentioned names were used for blogging purposes ONLY.
*wink wink*

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Screen Door said...

What fun!!! Now that my daughter has moved to college.... I've got a couple of cleaning projects and I'll be off to quilt up a storm.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Woo hoo! Great fabrics! Have a good ole time with em!

Dorothy said...

Rachel, I'm drooling! I think I need a fabric fix. Have you got a particular project in mind?

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

That stack looks like too much fun! I need to do some shopping :)

Fiesta said...

lovely eye candy. thanks for sharing.

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