i heart ireland

01 August 2008

seriously i do.

cutest thing happened the night before last.
the hubby said, "what do you REALLY want for your birthday...from me?"
as i layed there looking at him i guess he must have seen the shamrock shaped lightblub light up above my head because i didn't even have the chance to answer.
he just smiled at me and said, "honey, i can't send you to ireland for your birthday. but maybe at tax time!"

my birthday is september 22nd. less than 2 months away. why can't we go to ireland???
{wink wink}

so if i can't have ireland in all it's splender, i'll wish for the next best thing:
a trip to an irish pub and a copy of tour ireland with pat sloan.
sounds good to me.
{tax time is only 7ish months away!!!}

you can find pat's tour ireland book here.
{hint hint hubby. or hint hint momma}

if you could drop everything and go...where would YOU go???
inquiring minds want to know.

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Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

My Mothers side of my family is largely Irish. As a matter of fact, though my Mother and I both have brown hair, both of my daughters inherited my Grandmother's red hair, blue eyes, and even freckles! :)

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

If I could drop everything and go visit, Alaska would be my choice. If I could drop everything and go MOVE, Canada would be my choice!

pat sloan said...

I'm thinking that book is good as yours!! Whoever does the ordering... remind me to do a SPECIAL note to Rachel!

Stephanie said...

I would get on a plane and fly to Ireland, again. Our family went in 2003. I hope you get to go.

Perry said...

It takes a while for people to find you in blogland, just have patience. I would love to go to Ireland, wouldn't that be fun? Actually, I woould really like to go to Scotland too. Hmmm, guess I better start playing the lottery, lol. Found you through Vicky's blog.

eileen said...

ahh.. my children are all Irish. I don't have one speck of it in my blood.. but I would LOVE to visit that country.
See?... people are finding you.. it just takes time. :-)

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