miss melanie & her 'purse'

28 August 2008

miss melanie & her 'purse'...it's a beautiful thing.
she really loves it.
i think what she loves more, is that it matches mommy's.

i told yall that we live 3 houses down from a quilt shop right???
{well we do.}
one of the things that melsie & i do together is walk down the street to go to the shop.

'wanna go to quilt shop mommy??? okay i'll get my purse.'
that's seriously what she says.

we can't ever go without her having her purse!!!
so i'm glad that i made this for her.

she's been using a purse that went with a halloween princess outfit.
VERY pink, like bubble gum, big ol' rhinestones for the strap.
{i know yall can picture it!!!}
jackson found it trick or treating last year so melanie thought it was the coolest thing on the planet that her brother gave it to her.

so this evening, *hopefully*, melsie & i will stroll on down to the quilt shop
for some 'on-on-one grown up girl bonding time'

p.s. only 118 sleeps until christmas!!!

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penny stock tip said...

i think you add more info about it.

Jo Jo said...

Oh how sweet! I couldnt think of a better way for mother and daughter to spend time together. You are so lucky to live that close to a quilt shop....in my dreams! Jo x

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That is so cute. I think living that close to a quilt shop would be very dangerous to me.

Anna M. said...

How lucky to live so close to the quilt shop...I wish I did...but my husband's probably glad we don't! What a fun thing for the two of you to do! =)

eileen said...

Awe.. this is just too cute! She is training you good!

Rachel, your photos are starting to come along awesome! Love all the ones from yesterday with the kids.

Kare said...

What is the name of the Quilt Shop that you live near? My 2 y/o twin grandaughters love their little purses too!

a good yarn said...

Reminds me of the purse I had when I was 6. It was a Christmas present from Santa and I took it everywhere.

Fancy living so close to a quilt shop! I bet you *stroll* more than most.


Shannon said...

This is so sweet!

Rachel I need your snail mail I missed placed it so I can mail your ribbon and tags blanket:)

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

How much fun! And the quilting shop is her first suggestion with the new purse - too cute!

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