artist appreciation day :O)

05 August 2008

don't you wanna stay here???
is this not the most charming irish cottage EVER???

true story: i was searching 'irish fabric' earlier today via google.
{i have a nasty habit of searching 'images' instead of 'web'}
and all the sudden this SUPER cute irish living room picture pops up.
i, of course, HAD to see more.
boy was i in for a BIG surprise.

this SUPER adorable irish cottage was on my screen.
can i live there??? i wish.
it's a dollhouse.
that's right a dollhouse.
is that not amazing???

the maker's name is kathy. and she's SO talented!!!
i browsed around at her other work...all just as stunning.
i especially love her miniatures inspired by the harry potter series.
not to mention i LOVE her 'four days before christmas' house!!!
it's detail is out of this world!!!

well i could NOT leave my computer without emailing her.
just to tell her how much joy she brought to my fabric hunt. lol.
and quess what...she emailed me back.
she told me i could share her work with you guys.
how cool is that???

please, please, please check her out.
you can see her AMAZING work here.
{she has alot more pics of the cottage on her site, i just picked my favs.}

p.s. don't you just love that little quilt rack???

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Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

o WOW she is amazing! That is stunning. I can't believe the tiny details. :o) Makes me want a dollhouse for my own!

Julie said...

How cute is that? Wow, some people are so talented!! Thanks for sharing. Also, how do you sign your name like you do on your blog? It looks so cute. have a great day. Julie

Karen said...

Somebody really loves anything Irish. Me too! I would move to Ireland in a second.

Glad you liked my Farmer's Market quilt. Pat Sloan is great and I'm ready and waiting for her next BOM.

Anonymous said...

that little house really is amazing. I used to make Irish dance costumes, yes - Irish background - these days I would be more interested in the beer. LOL

Marie Louise said...

Cool Dollhouse. I little too much green for my taste despite the fact I'm of Irish decent but I'm sure my three daughter's would love it!

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