quilter's irish death: the story

04 August 2008

well you already know this is a beer.

"created by the brewery's founder, quilter's irish death is an imperial sweet stout with a big malt body and balanced bitterness. over half a dozen malts combine to make this one dark, smooth, and hi-octane ale... the name is a necessary reminder that despite the surprising approachability, this beer weighs in at a hefty 7.8% abv."
so no quilting under the influence!!!

but what's the story???
i'll tell you...
jim QUILTER {a brewer of irish decent}
formulated the recipe for this one of a kind ale.
and he figured it would be the death of him.
hence, quilter's irish death was born!

want to know something else???
our new favorite 'beer guys' have been talking with our own pat sloan!!!
they even worked out a nifty deal for us quilters.
head over to her blog to get in on the action.

and if you haven't...check out iron horse brewery's website.
you HAVE to see their other beers...they have the best names.
and let's help get the word out about these guys.
they deserve it!!!
they did, afterall, get a TON of email from us quilters.
it's the least we can do!!!

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pat sloan said...

Hehe..... nothing like a good beer story!

Sherry said...

thanks for the hook up; sounds cute

Anonymous said...

Cool story!

Russell said...

John Quilter, and yes, he did die, but it was after he left the brewery, and it wasn't directly from the beer.

Jennifer said...

I found this post when I googled "Quilter's Irish Death"

It looks like Russell, who left the comment above me, didn't really read your post or something, but I thought I'd clarify that his name was Jim Quilter like the blogger posted.

He passed away this past summer.

I'm his daughter, he created the recipe for this beer many, many years ago, and it originally had a different logo. The "death" part was more a warning than anything else that this is a very dark beer, and not for everyone. It's too much for a lot of people. My dad was very Irish and even had dual citizenship. He always loved the name and it has always gotten a lot of attention, even from people who aren't quilters :)

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