so sweet

16 August 2008

i'm SO lucky.
i seriously have the sweetest bloggy pals.

i've had several emails about my last blog,
asking if it was true that i've never been given a quilt.
yall are SO sweet.

it IS true.
i can honestly say that i don't personally know anyone that quilts.
{outside of yall in blogland. lol.}

on a different note:
i started planning my sscs partner's gift today.
having SO much fun!!!

oh and guess what i did???
i secretly snail mailed my momma some fabric baskets without her knowing it.
sneaky daughter i am!!!
she absolutely LOVED them.
{and was COMPLETELY surprised.}
the only bad thing is that i sent them to her without taking pics.
*smacks self in the forehead*
so i have asked her to pretty please take pics so i can share them with yall.

and again, thanks for being such sweet bloggy pals.

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Chookyblue...... said...

actually I have never been given a quilt either.........although I do know some people that quilt my best quilty friends are in blogland......

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