quilter's irish death

02 August 2008

what does THAT mean???
well it's simple. it's a beer.
oh yeah...a beer.
it's real. {it's only in 2 states, but it's out there.}
have i had it...NO!!! do i want to...YEPPERS!!!

thanks to pat sloan i found out about this beer. {thanks pat!!!}

and these guys are...iron horse brewery.
i've been all over their website...which is nifty.
i've read their story...which is interesting.
i've even emailed them!!! i swear it.
here's what i said to them:

i'm dropping yall a line so i can get situated!
i'm very curious about getting my hands on some of this quilter's irish death.
#1 i'm irish.
#2 i'm a quilter.
#3 i just need it. {refer back to #1}
for the love of all things irish...please contact me.

fyi: the reason i opened my email that way is because of something they said on their 'find our beers' page. i wasn't trying to be rude. lol.

look for a quilter's irish death update on monday. promise.

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StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so glad you're getting some info on this! I saw this logo somewhere earlier in the week and thought - what???? Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Blessings, marlene

Jeff said...

Hello, I'm a resident of Ellensburg, WA (the home of Ironhorse brewery). Funny thing, I'm actually drinking this beer right now and I love it. However, if your not a fan of darker beers, you may not enjoy it. If you need help getting your hands on some, perhaps i could be of assistance. contact me at pirataholic@gmail.com

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