10 things about me.

08 September 2008

1o things about me:

daily...yes daily...i am made fun of because of my southern accent.
{mostly by the hubby...but still.}
ohioans just can't get used to this georgia girl.

i love the smell of almond extract.
there's just something about it that is SO comforting.
{it's okay if you wanna go sniff yours now...i'll wait.}

i can NOT, for the life of me, go without my toenails being painted.
to me, that's like going out in public without a shirt on.
you just don't do that!!!
{well i just don't do that.}

i'm very anal about the pillows on our bed.
the pillowcase openings have to be facing out or i can't fall asleep.
{and yes EVERYNIGHT my hubby tries to get me on this one.}

the sound of bagpipes playing 'amazing grace' sends chills up & down my body.
{goosebumps...shivers...lump in the throat}
i seriously get choked up.

i can hold legitimate conversations on movie quotes alone.
i can't help it...movie and tv quotes are just my thing.

i have an addiction to sharpie markers.
not like 'hey let's all sit in a circle and sniff till we get high' type of addiction.
i just LOVE them.
i write notes, recipes, 'rachel ♥s shane' doodles...you name it.

i am almost 26 years old and i am still afraid of the dark.
no lie.

i bust out in random dance moves for no reason.
and at any given time.
my kids love it.
{and that's saying alot because sometimes i knock them over.}

and lastly:
i eat mustard on my gravy & biscuits.
my hubby thinks it's the weirdest thing on the planet.
but it's oh so good.

hope yall enjoyed that.
i was supposed to reveal my secret today.
i regret to inform yall that my littlest guy had a fever so i couldn't quite get it done.
please forgive me.

p.s. there's only 14 days until my 26th birthday!!!
{and momma will be here in '15 and a wake up'}

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Anonymous said...

What a unique, fun list!
But mustard on biscuits and gravy? I have to give that one more thought...but then, I've never tried it. You may be the only person who knows how good it is (and you may remain so). ;D

Cornbread and Beans Quilting said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog the last few weeks. You are such a sun shiney chick! You go perfect with morning and coffee =) I love the irish tune that's first on your playlist so that's another good reason to stop by and see what you are up to and jam out to a good song.
Have a great day!

quilterpolly said...

I love to hear the bagpipes playing amazing grace.. It stops me dead in my tracks...brings tears to my eyes and all the hair on my arms stands up straight...

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What fun things.

Becky said...

Those are some pretty darn funny secrets. I can visualize the dance moves. Knocking the kids over, that's what cracked me up the most!!! Have a great day!

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