baby sam turns one.

01 September 2008

well here is mister sam.
sam i am.
{my 2nd youngest nephew.}
today is offically his 1st birthday.

happy birthday samuel.
♥ auntie rachel

last night we had a grand time at his birthday party.
and he seemed to love his quilt.

trying to take his picture on {or with} his quilt was the hardest part.
he's quick.

this was a quilt i completed for my summer stash challenge.
hosted by eileen & ulla.
{thanks yall.}

oh and the 'naked' pictures were taken after his cake!

gotta run.

p.s. seeing that it's september 1st...
there's only 21 days until my 26th birthday!!!
{and momma will be here in '22 and a wake up'}

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eileen said...

what a handsome little dude! And I have to say that quilt turned out gorgeous! I love the white with those pinwheels.. and the border is so nice too. Great job, and i'mglad you joined us in the summer stash. Make sure you switch the badge.. I did send you the new one, didn't I?

Penny said...

he's a cutie Aunt Rachel! Love the quilt you made for him!

Linda said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday Sam! He is adorable!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! What a little cutie pie!

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