having a bad day.

02 September 2008

so i'm having a bad day.
but i didn't wanna NOT blog.

i ♥ this clover fabric.
here's to hoping that it's 'luckyness' will rub off on me & my fam.

today i thought that i would show some linky love.
some of yall have the cutest, bestest blogs around.
and they make me smile.

here are some blogs that always pick up my spirit:
stephanie of loft creations
penny of sewtakeahike
vanessa of v & co
nanette of freda's hive
mare of moonbeams in a jar
and last, but not least...
colleen of crazy for primitive quilts and gardens.

these are just a few...i have a sidebar FULL of great blogs.
so yall check em' out.

i'm hoping that i'll be in better spirits tomorrow and give a post yall deserve.

p.s. there's only 20 days until my 26th birthday!!!
{and momma will be here in '21 and a wake up'}

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Thanks Rachel! What a nice shout out to me. I hope you feel better. We all have those days, more often than not, at least for me. Its good to come out and admit it sometimes. I try to encourage myself by saying when I have a bad day that things will be better tomorrow (even if they won't). And then I sew to try to forget what is bugging me. Maybe tomorrow will be better for you.

Screen Door said...

Hey -- you get another shot at it tomorrow!!! I know exactly what you are feeling...I like knowing that my feelings are real--- hang in there....

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Hope your evening is looking up. :) You should put some music on and crank it through out the house! But it's okay to have a bad day - we've all had those. Here's to tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a wish for a happy day tomorrow! Cute fabric.

Linda said...

Love the fabric!
Woo hoo - your b-day is almost here!

Mary Anne Drury said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for mentioning my blog!! That was very sweet of you! .....AND hope tomorrow's a better day for you (OK ... now you have to endure me singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow ...it's only a day away ....." ) Well, that was naseauting!! Just take 2 Hershey Kisses and call me in the morning!

Stephanie said...

Thank you Rachel for including me in your "places that make you smile." That was sweet. Sewing helps change the mood of the day.

Penny said...

Rachel! You are such a sweetie to mention my blog on your post. I do hope things are looking up and the sky is a brighter blue tomorrow!

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