hold. the. phone.

10 September 2008

hold. the. phone.

you are not going to believe what i came across today.

get this:
i can own a piece of ireland for only $50.

wanna know how???
i bargained with a leprechaun of course.
i kid i kid.

in 2003 these two lads, john & thomas, started a company called buyireland.com
and basically you purchase a square foot plot of rural ireland from them.
{of course you can buy more than one if you wanted.}

with your purchase you receive:
a certificate of ownership
deed of assurance
and directions.

talk about a unique, thoughtful and inspiring gift.
{boy did i get carried away there for a second!!!}

i seriously think that this is awesome.
i think it might be a little too close to my birthday to ask somebody for it.
but i still want it nonetheless!!!

p.s. there's only 12 days until my 26th birthday!!!
{and momma will be here in '13 and a wake up'}

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! How fun would that be to go and stand on your 1 square foot of property? Maybe plant a flag (quilted of course.)

Lyn said...

Hello Rachel, something tells me someone is having a birthday soon.I shudder, how many days to Christmas? Hard to believe it is September.I would love a square foot of Ireland.Regards Lyn

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