how to make an american quilt.

06 September 2008

how to make an american quilt.

was a book...went big screen in like 95'
i'm sure some of yall have seen it.
i'm also sure that some of yall haven't.

this movie has been playing on hbo for a little while.
obviously the title got my attention.
so i thought: 'what the heck' and tivo'd it.
{to watch while the hubby was out having 'guy' time}

guy time came and i watched it.
i ♥ed it.

i mean the cast alone was well worth me watching it.
ellen burstyn...anne bancroft...dermot mulroney
{the list goes on.}

there were some risque moments
{what movie doesn't have these now???}
the idea of hearing the stories of all of these women's lives...
how they quilted their memories...
was an overwhelming feeling.
{but SO in a good way.}

the idea of making story quilts really fascinate me.
and the quilt made in this moving was such a great storyteller.
{and was absolutely stunning!!!}

this movie really had me thinking:
you know SO much emotion goes into quilts.
i really don't think that non-quilters understand that.

i basically cried like a baby the last part of this movie.
{i'm serious when i say it's was an overwhelming emotion.}

i highly recommend yall watch it.
and if you have seen it...tell me what you thought.

i obviously can't take credit for the photo.
it was found here.
and trust me when i say that this pic doesn't give ANY justice to the actual quilt in the movie.

p.s. there's only 16 days until my 26th birthday!!!
{and momma will be here in '17 and a wake up'}

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Thimbleanna said...

Gosh, I don't think I've seen the movie??? The book though is the sole reason I'm in the book group I'm in. They were reading that book and one of the ladies knew that I was a quilter. She said -- Hey, you should come to our book group. So I did. I would never have been invited otherwise, 'cause other than the fact that we had kids the same ages, I don't have a thing in common with anyone else in the group! I'll have to check out the movie version!

Eileen said...

hmmm. wonder if it's out on DVD..?

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Many many moons ago (in 1997) I met the author in Minneapolis and I was fascinated with her story of how she had to make all these quilts for the movie. For some of the quilts they had to make several identical ones. Can you imagine? cheers, QGB

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