jack o' lantern pie...and then some.

13 September 2008

our jack o' lantern pie was yummy!!!
and of course the kids loved it!!!

when i make pie crust i always have to make the hubby my cinnamon rolls.
they are his fav!!!

lookie what i got the mail!!!
remember that giveaway i won???
well i got this from shannon...and it's SUPER cute...and cuddly.
{thanks shannon.}

and this is the start of dr. nolan's quilt. it is SO not that blue...stupid camera!!!

p.s. there's only 9 days until my 26th birthday!!!
{and momma will be here in '10 and a wake up'}

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Kristie said...

That is the cutest pie!!!! My 6 yr old would love that!!! The cinnamon rolls like very yummy too!

by the way...I love your music on here! I could watch "PS, I love you" a million times!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What fun stuff Rachel. The pumpkin thing is so cute.

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