a little more fall on my wall.

13 October 2008

so i didn't really have any plans today.
i mean i have a few projects going on, but i needed a break.

so i crossed my fingers and hoped that time warner was done being stupid.
i really wanted to do some blog surfing.
{see this post if you are lost.}

well i always start with the roll o' blogs listed on the right.
and there it was...my 'today' project.
miss vanessa at v & co. just so happened to have posted a tutorial today.
and she inspired me to make one of my own.
{go here to check her's out.}

i made mine to fit a 13x13 black picture frame.
{weird frame size isn't it???}

i had a large berry wreath hanging there between those rotiron sconces.
{which are HUGE by the way.}
and the hubby and i have been trying to figure out what i could make for that spot.
we knew that we wanted it to change with the seasons.
and until today...nothing jumped out at us.

i'm going to be the sneaky wife and see how long it takes the hubby to spot it.
{work all day. football tonight.}
i know i know...devil woman.
but it'll be fun.

still not the best picture quality on above pics.
i'm really thinking that i'm gonna have to get a new digital camera.
i have an hp now, but i want a canon.
want in one hand...wish in another right???

and to the owner of the blog http://bethethread.blogspot.com/:
i have alot of people that come to my blog by way of your blog...
and i wanted to check your blog out...because i ♥ blog surfing!!!
...but it told me i had to be invited.

out of curiosity...is anyone out there watching trueblood on hbo???
it's SO not anywhere near as good as twilight to me, but i like it.
i was just curious if anyone else was a fellow fan.
{you can find out more about it here.}

p.s. twilight the movie comes out in 38 days!!!

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V and Co. said...

yay! it looks wonderful! thank you for playing along with me! and really only that many days till twilight?! i guess i should know i got a babysitter(yeah i'm a little excited) i guess i just didn't realize it was so soon!

Anonymous said...

Great looking pumpkins...I love pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

Your project turned out great~! Did your hubbie notice yet? Mine wouldn't ever notice, there are way to many "knick-knacks" (as he calls them) around our house. Boys....they are so silly!
And yeaaaaa!! True Blood Rocks!

Anna M. said...

I love the pumpkins you made...they turned out wonderful! I'm excited for the Twilight movie to come out too! =)

Quilter Going Bananas said...

ok I confess, I'm a fan of true blood but I haven't read the twilight books yet, one day .....
don't ya just love Anna Paquin??

Netter said...

I like Trueblood too! It's not something that I would normally go for, but I guess I like it because its different. I have not read Twilight, but my Cousins daughter loves it. It's on my list of books to check out. I want to know why all these girls are in love with Edward.

I found your site while looking for quilting tutorials. I'm a new quilter and I'm always looking for things that I think I can handle. As soon as I'm done with the dolly quilts that I have to make for Christmas, I'm working on a pumpkin wall hanging like the one you made. I love it.

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