my fall babies...and then some.

06 October 2008

aren't these the cutest kids you've EVER seen???
i mean besides your own of

sorry...i'm being the annoying braggy mom.
but i can't help it.

we took these while momma was here.
and she loves these pics just as much as i do.

nothing too new here.
today i did made a few of my cottage blocks.
for nanette's christmas cottage block exchange.
{read about it here or click on the button to the right.}

you'll also notice that i added another fun little button while you are over there.
melissa is kindly hosting a cottage house warming party.
SUPER cute idea and a great way for everyone to view all the cottages we are making.
{check it out here or click on the button to the right.}

oh and i did start reading 'twilight' over again.
i mean i HAVE's for the book club.
if you feel 'lost in the sauce'...see previous post: a confession.
i know i know...bad rachel...but what can you do???

so until next time.

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Anonymous said...

I say go for it! Life is too short to not do what one wants, so re-read and enjoy.
Your kiddos ARE as cute as can be!

Julie said...

I've read all the books but the last--my girls have read them all. She is an amazing writer!! Have a great day!! Julie

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