me & pat sloan...again!!!

06 November 2008

so guess what???

i got to talk to pat sloan on the phone.

i got to ask her not 1, but 2 questions!!!
how cool is that???
pretty darn cool if you ask me.

how did i do this???
well yesterday on my blog, i told yall that pat was doing a live interview.
{go here in case you missed the info.}
so long story short:
i called in, hung out and laughed alot.

pretty nifty huh???
well i thought so.

for 4 hours before the interview these were my thoughts:
what the heck am i gonna ask pat sloan???
{IF given the chance!!!}

do i ask the obvious questions everyone wants to know???
OR things i wanted to know???
what's her top 5 fav movies of all time???
could she come over for supper on sunday???
on a scale of 1 to 10 how does she rate real belgium waffles???
given the chance would she skydive...parasail???
i mean i already have her autograph for pete's sake...
asking her to record a ringtone for my phone was out of the question.

so what did i end up asking her???
if she liked mustard on her hotdog.

did you just gasp???
i thought i heard you say, 'oh no she didn't!!!'

yeah...i didn't.
but i thought about it. hardcore.
and almost did ask her that.
just to be very rachel-ish.

i don't remember the exact verbage.
but i basically asked her how many ufo's she had that were NOT work projects.
and what her favorite quilting tour to date was.

to the 1st one: she said 20-30...maybe add another 20. lol.
to the 2nd one: she said 'i know which one you want me to say!'
{oh pat, how well you know me!!!}

not sure if she'll blog about it tomorrow, but i had to tell yall tonight.

it was exciting to talk to her.
i know i blushed. felt like a fan girl.
i *might* have almost cried.
{yall are laughing huh???}

so there you have it.
my first public pat sloan experience.
that's a wrap.

update: pat emailed me this morning!!!
she said she'll answer my 'rachel' questions before she goes to china!!!
how fun is that???

update AGAIN: pat answered my questions!!!
just go here to see for yourself.

p.s. if you don't already know the story behind this picture: go here.

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pat sloan said...

Just for fun I'll answer ALL those questions before China! What do you think????

pat sloan

Pat said...

Let me guess.....are you hoping she says Ireland was her favorite tour so far? Good thing she'll answer before China as THAT might soon become her favorite tour!!! LOL

I was SO busy yesterday that I didn't get to even think about the interview...signed up with that link, but then it all went right out of my head. :( Boo-hoo!!! I'd have loved to hear Rachel talking to Pat.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How funny. I'm a groupie of a Mary Mashuta. I went to a lecture she gave, waited in line to show her my dog eared book of hers (first quilt book I ever bought) and had her autograph it. I gushed and she quickly shuffled me off. I think she knew I had stalker written all over me! It is fun to talk to a hero though.

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