now that's a wrap.

25 November 2008

well today's the day.
our secret santa christmas swap packages had to be mailed today!!!

so my package is off to australia!!!
yes australia.
exciting i know!!!

i couldn't share a 'real''s a strict 'don't open until xmas' kinda swap.
but i thought i would tease yall {or her.} with a little 'hint hint' pic.

can't wait to see what my pressie is!!!
and where it's coming from!!!
oh i love the excitment!!!

a big thanks to elf donna for hosting this swap!!!
you rock chicka!!!

oh and in case anyone wants to know:
twilight did SO well opening weekend that the sequels have been greenlighted!!!
*insert irish jig here*

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Chookyblue...... said...

sneeky..........very sneeky......thanks for joining in the fun of the SSCS......hope your receiver likes her presents.......

Kritta22 said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you post a picture when she gets it!
I'm SOOOOOOO excited for the new Twilight movies. Even though I didn't like Edward/Robert so will be soooo interesting to see the rest of the movie played out!

Jo Jo said...

It is so exciting, waiting for a special gift to arrive...Ohhh!!! I wonder who is going to be your lucky the colours! Jo xo

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