strickly by accident.

14 November 2008

i walked in...and there it was.
this amazing vintage christmas fabric.
it was love at first sight.

here's the story:
i walked down to the quilt shop today.
{with 3 kids. i know...crazy!!!}
when i walked in this fabric was sitting on the cutting table.
{because a lady had just bought it before i walked in.}
this beautiful fabric called to me.
" NEED me!!!"
so i fought with myself for all of about 2 seconds.
looked straight at the clerk and told her i NEEDED some of that.
she giggled and cut it for me.

i am SO glad that i bought it.
i would have kicked myself for coming home without it.

don't you love it???
it's a jolly christmas ll by edelen wille.

i'm not sure what this fabric's destiny is...but at least i got it...right!?!

and lastly:
don't forget to cast your vote for my giveaway!!!
winner WILL be drawn tomorrow night!!!

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Sherri said...

That fabric is awesome!!! I love it!!!

Stephanie said...

That is a cute piece of fabric. It's a new piece to me. Sometimes you just HAVE to get it.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I've never encountered that lovely fabric before! I think I need some too! I really NEEDED it before my cottages, well not really. But it would have been cute to use. Still is, really because I'm not sick of making them.

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