this calls for a 2nd post!!!

19 November 2008

i get to see twilight tomorrow night!!!

{at 12:01 am!!!}
technically friday, but it's thursday in my eyes!!!

with the movie coming out in about 24 HOURS i had to celebrate!!!
and in honor of are now listening to the soundtrack!!!
please don't hate me if you don't like it.
{i'll change it back to the irish tunes later.}

i'm am SO stoked!!!
and the hubby thinks i'm the biggest dork on the planet.

edward cullen here i come.

p.s. i would love to be the proud owner of this soundtrack!!!
but since i'm not {sigh} i stole the pic from here.

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Rachel T. said...

Did you know that Forks, WA is a real town? There was an article about it on a few minutes ago. Apparently the author did her homework, because most of the places they go in Port Angeles actually exist too. Have fun at the movie tonight! ~Rachel

Des said...

I'll be there with you in spirit. well, actually I'll be in Idaho at 12:01 watching!!!

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