'tis the season to be merry.

05 November 2008

so there's only 49 more sleeps until christmas!!!
*insert a fat jolly guy here*

did i just hear you groan???
let me guess:
you didn't realize it was THAT close did you???

christmas is my all time favorite time of year.
don't get me wrong i ♥ fall.
but i shine at christmas.
*look...i'm glimmering*

i'm one of those weird folks that hate spring & summer.
i know i know.
but it's the truth.

did i mention that i decorate the day after thanksgiving???
yeah i SO do.
AND we already started buying christmas gifts.

with that being said:
i'm SUPER excited for christmas this year.
well i'll tell yall.

top five reasons i am excited for this christmas:
#1 BOTH my babies are old enough to really get into it this year!!!
#2 jackson is seriously getting a gift that i wanted for myself!!!
#3 i have a little 'something-something' up my sleeve for the hubby!!!
#4 i'm dying for my oreo buckeye candy!!!
and lastly
#5 another twilight book comes out december 30th!!!
{it's only a reader's guide...but still.}

i have other reasons of course!!!
the normal ones we all have:
family time. baking. gifts. eggnog.
watching christmas vacation a million times!!!

are yall excited too???
let us know.

p.s. pat sloan is doing a LIVE interview tomorrow night.
{8pm eastern time}
you can listen via phone OR web!!!
and you, yes YOU, can ask pat a question!!!
go here to sign up.
and let us know if you ask pat a question.
inquiring minds will want to know.

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a good yarn said...

Rachel, your enthusiasm is infectious. Like you I simply adore Christmas except we celebrate it in the heat (summertime in Australia).

It's even better when the children are old enough to understand but too old to lose the magic.

Enjoy...Ann :)

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOO! Christmas is coming =)

Rachel T. said...

Yeah, thanks for reminding me that I am way behind on the Christmas gifts I plan on making (and there are only 2!). But I just can't make myself do those when I have all this fabric for my nursery to do something with! ~Rachel

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