twilight night.

21 November 2008

twilight was AMAZING!!!

without giving anything away to my fellow twilight pals:
the movie rocked my socks off!!!
edward was SO swoon-worthy it's not even funny.
*insert a HUGE swoon here*

the whole theatre was screaming, cheering, awww'ing & laughing.
the atmosphere was perfect!!!

the movie workers messed with us before the previews.
they turned down the lights and we all cheered.
then they turned the lights back on...we boo'ed.
we did that for a few minutes.
it was fun.

when edward first entered the movie we all cheered!!!
hardcore cheering!!!
{just like the days of new kids on the block cheering!!!}
♥ed that!!!
and the first kiss between bella & edward was such a great, tense moment.
trust me when i say: you could've heard a pin drop in that scene.

wanna know where i sat???
i know. crazy.
that was the only place with 3 open seats.
it was packed.
but it was good.

so being that i was in the front row i really saw every detail.
the movie DID justice to the book!!!
of course some things were shifted make a better movie.
i'm SUPER happy with it though.

go directly to your local movie theatre.
do NOT pass go.
do NOT collect $200.
{and then tell me what you thought about it!!!}

here's me in my nifty twilight shirt.
ain't i cute???

i had to bargain with the hubby for it.
and now that i have a twilight shirt he thinks i'm a BIGGER dork!!!
{i love you baby!!!}

this is the sister...lissa.
she's a team edward me.
she's on my good side.
go team edward!!!

this is my gal pal stevie.
she's a team jacob girl...unlike me.
she's on my bad side.
no go team jacob!!!

this is us after the movie.
we have officially been 'twilighted'...yayyy.
we live in ohio.
this was taken at 2:30 am.
we have snow everywhere.
we were freezing...teeth chattering freezing!!!
but we HAD to take one last pic.
it was all in the name of twilight.

so we wanna go back tonight to see it.
i know what yall are thinking.
'is this twilight madness going to stop???'
well we aren't going back tonight.
but i will be counting down the days until the dvd release.
"what another she crazy???"
i heard yall say that.

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Rachel T. said...

Glad the movie was so good! I was concerned that it might not live up to the book (which I'm sure it still doesn't, but they never quite do.) I will have to try to go see it soon. ~Rachel

Chookyblue...... said...

so what is TWILIGHT.......

Des said...

I liked it. I had a hard time getting past a few things. but that's why I'm in therapy. :) By book 4 I FINALLY liked bella. this movie reminded me how much I DIDN'T like her to begin with. I couldn't buy the line, "I'm not afraid of you". She looked like she was shivering and very nervous. Not UNafraid. I know silly. And Jasper's hair and facial expressions....were they supposed to be funny? okay, our whole theater burst out laughing when Edward was sucking the venom out. that was so not funny to me. I couldn't figure out why they thought it was funny. Couldn't be that I was there in a crowd of 12 year olds right?

I will be seeing it a few more times I'm sure. and then I will forget how ridiculous Edward looks with red lipstick. :) And it will become very sexy, I'm sure.

I know have a midnight hour hangover. Headache all day long and cranky, very cranky.

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