attack of the matryoshka dolls.

06 December 2008

you say matryoshka.
i say babushka.
{or russian nesting dolls.}
these gals have lots o' names.

growing up we didn't have them in our house.
i blame it on the irishness of it all.
so matryoshkas are very new to me.
{even though my toddlers watch higglytown heroes!!!}
and i love them already. really.

true story:
nanette sent me a little babushka doll ornament.
{all of us christmas cottage swappers got one.}
my daughter melanie fell completely in love with her.
and she even asked me to make her some 'friends' JUST like her!!!
{too cute i know!!!}

so i started pondering what i was gonna do about this 'friend' situation.
luckily i came across this blog.
{on her right taskbar is a pattern to make a babushka softie.}

so miss melanie will be getting her for her 3rd birthday. {or christmas.}
her birthday is december we'll see.
worst case scenario: i stitch the softie on the way to momma's house.
*fingers crossed*

it seems almost immediately after i made the decision to make the softie...
matryoshkas. babushkas. & russian nesting dolls
just started showing up EVERYWHERE in blogland!!!
crazy i know.

wanna see some of the places i've spotted them???
nanette made SUPER cute ornaments.
the one on the far left is exactly the one she sent me.
{note to nanette: she's hanging on our tree!!!
and melanie can't reach her so she's kinda cranky about it. lol.}
nanette also has this super cute print.

i do believe that ravenhill is the capital of all matryoshkas softies.
{haha. seriously look through her blog!!!}

here is a tutorial for the cutest wooden egg matryoshkas.

here's a little qwirky babushka softie tutorial.

i'm thinking melanie will like her room like this & this.
*on my*

and these might just be my new favorite dolls...EVER!!!

wanna buy the real deal???
they are gorgeous.

so i think i've crossed over to the matryoshka side.
and i'm okay with that.

oh and i stole my fabric picture from nuno.
because i don't own anything matryoshka.
{except the ornament of course!!!}

so now i guess i need to start building a matryoshka fabric collection.
{especially if melanie is gonna want her room decorated with them!!!}

do any of yall have a matryoshka collection???
dolls or fabrics???

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Mary Anne Drury said...

Hi Rachel!
How cute!!! Thanks for all the babushka doll info (that is what we've always called them .... my dad is of Russian heritage.)

Also .... I wanted to let you know I got your note you sent me (re: you'll mail out my giveaway prize before Christmas.... aren't you the sweet Santa's helper!!! .... BUT, don't lose any sleep over it because I KNOW how busy all of Santa's helpers are at this time of year with a LONG, LONG "to do" list .....but, you sound much more organized than me at this time of year .... or at any time of year, for that matter!)

So, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thanks again!

Corinna said...

Hi Rachel, I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now but I don't believe I've ever left a comment until now!
Just yesterday I decided to make the matryoshka stuffies off of the fourwisemonkeys blog. lol We must be on the same wave lenght or something! They aren't on my weekend to do list at all but I've been thinking about making them for a few weeks now and finally got at it. I finished the stitching on the biggest one last night. It's 30% bigger than the biggest one on the blog and then I may make one 30% smaller than the smallest one too. We'll see. And then I'll have four! :o) I'm sure your dd will love the ones you make.

Pat said...

If you like those nesting babushka dolls, check out the catalogue (online) for Bits and Pieces. When you get their page loaded, type in "nesting dolls" in their search box. They have some adorable ones and at affordable prices. I love them all myself.

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

My Mom is a Matryoshka (how in the heck do you spell it?) collector. We've always had them around. She even had a collection of them painted like santa's...she'd let us touch those.

I bought some expensive Matryoshka fabric to make a quilt for my Mom...that's all I've got.

Rachelmp said...

Good luck with all those matryoshka's!

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