07 December 2008

you've reached rachel.
rachel can't come to her blog right now.
{she's too busy playing with
please leave your name & comment after the beep...
and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.

p.s. go share your christmas rumble with pat sloan!!!
she's having a GREAT giveaway!!!
a pattern with red and green fabbies!!!
{she'll even giftwrap it!!!}
the more peeps sign up=the more prizes she'll giveaway!!!
drawing is december 15th!!!

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Pat said...

Well, thanks, Rachel.......looks like a fun place to play but, of course, now those of us who have discovered it (because of you) will be getting nothing done around our houses!!! Better go set up the answering machine so I'm not disturbed, either, while playing with this! :)

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