freda's hive.

08 December 2008

happy blog anniversary, or blogoversary, to freda's hive!!!

my first comment to nanette was on this post.
but i know the first post i EVER read of her's was this one.
{don't know why i didn't comment on that one!!!}
i mean she IS the reason i even thought to put rick rack on this fabric basket.
*wink wink*

i'm in love with her blog.
it's a MUST read for me.
nanette inspires me SO much.
{as she does LOTS o' people.}
i fully blame credit her for my melanie's new found love of matryoshkas.
not to mention...
she's as sweet as can be!!!

if yall don't read me, you should!!!
if yall do read her...yayyy to us!!!

and guess what!!!
nanette is celebrating!!!
she's having a big extravaganza anniversary party all week long!!!
and she's offering 7 different prizes!!!

how cool is that???
as cool as the cold side of your pillow!!!
and that's cool!!!

so go here for details.
and trust don't wanna miss out.
she's known for having the best fabric in the world!!!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh Rachel, what a sweet post! Thank you thank you! What a darling girl you are and such a great mom and daughter to your mom. You are too kind! Really I'm blushing. Thank you though, what wonderful compliments.

Anonymous said...

I love you, my best friend! I am so proud of you!

Kisses you biotch,

Amanda said...

I've been having fun this week at Nanettes blog, too. I always love to visit her, but this week is especially fun.

Yesterday I fell in love with the little Christmas trees. You'll have to go to my blog and see what I made. I guess I needed some instant gratification that I don't always get from quilting because it takes so long!

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