going ho ho home.

19 December 2008

today is the day!!!
we are going ho ho home for christmas!!!

snow is coming down in ohio.
it's 65' in charleston.

home is really georgia to me.
but charleston is close enough to call it home.
it's still the south.
AND momma & sean are there!!!

so momma...for christmas you get to have:
me & sean TOGETHER again!!!
and all SEVEN grandbabies in the SAME house!!!
so merry christmas to you!!!
♥ us

we'll see you in about 14 hours!!!
HOURS baby!!!
{we're leaving in 4 hours!!!}

rachel's going home!!!
the south will rise again.
i kid i kid i kid.
i'm just SUPER excited.

update on mal ethel:
she is doing great!!!
she was moved into a rehab room yesterday.
AND i got to talk to her for about 1/2 a minute.
{the doctor came into the room.}
thank yall again for the prayer!!!
yall rock my socks off!!!

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Rachel T. said...

So glad you get to go home for Christmas! Hope you have a GREAT time! ~Rachel

Val said...

So happy for you getting to go home for the holiday! And great news about your Mal. Merry Christmas!

Des said...

Merry Christmas Rachel. You're so blessed to be able to go home!! I'm jealous! Enjoy your family and have a wonderful holiday season.

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