"it's a major award!"

03 December 2008

in the spirit of christmas movies i had to use that quote as the title!!!
{'a christmas story' is my 2nd favorite christmas movie of all time.}

now this little beauty was given to me by val.
it was a pleasant surprise.{thanks again val.}

the rules state that i get the pleasure of doing the following:
place the button on my blog.
link to who gave it to me.
nominate 5 blogs. {with links.}
& leave messages for those bloggers.

so with that being said...who am i gonna pick???
i love so many of yall's blogs.
{boo to picking...it's unfair...lol.}
but since i have to pick...here are my five:

i am a new reader of her blog. as new as last week.
i was immediately hooked.
i seriously think she has the best taste of fabrics.
go look for yourself.

lynn at mollychicken.
i just started reading her blog the day before yesterday.
i freakishly landed on her blog, but it's amazing.
it seriously was love at first sight.
did i mention she has the most amazing tutorials on the planet???
{if you are into softies.}
seriously...check her out!!!

vanessa at v & co.
i can't leave blogland without reading her blog!!!
{in most cases i actually read her within the first couple of minutes!!!}
i know i've mentioned her before, but i really think that she's AMAZING!!!
why is she SO amazing???
many reasons. get to know her!!!
{you'll thank me for it later.}
did i mention we feel the same way about capital letters???

her blog is such a breath of fresh air to me.
it's just SO beautiful to look at.
she works on the prettiest projects.
her little dog charlie is the cutest thing on the planet.
{i know that has nothing to do with blogging...but that's okay!!!}
just visit her...you'll see what i mean.
{please don't miss the pic of charlie in the bathtub. it makes me laugh!!!}

first of all...gotta love that blog name.
{it makes me hungry.}
second of all...we totally get each other.
*wink wink melissa*
she makes me laugh.
she'll make you laugh too...just go see!!!
so there you have it.
that seems like it took me forever to do.

and this little number was given to me twice.
{i know...exciting!!!}

first by molly...then by donna.
thanks yall.

now the rules are basically the same.
{except this one wants you to list 10 peeps to pass it on to.}
i'm thinking that since i just named five...i'm good to go.

so there you have hit.
p.s. i quilt is award winning!!!
i won't let it go to my head. promise.

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V and Co. said...

thank you! :)

Sherri said...

Fun blogs...I just subscribed to two of them...and another one is already on my list!!!

Lynn said...

Thank you Rachel !
Lynn (mollychicken)

Allison said...

Thank you Rachel, I've been slacking at my posting/checking my blogs lately, so this is a delayed Thank you!!!

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