merry christmas to p.s. i quilt

05 December 2008

so in the spirit of all things christmas...
p.s. i quilt HAD to be decorated.
{my house is...why not the blog!!!}

so the ol' blog went from this:
to this:
and now my blog has some of my all time fav christmas songs to go with it!!!

so merry christmas to my blog.
{yes i know i'm a big dork...i'm okay with that!!!}

so enjoy.

p.s. i'm SUPER excited!!!
tonight is the night my momma {and staff} give dr. nolan his quilt.

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Sherri said...

Your new blog banner is great...way great!!!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I'm a big dork too!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your new blog look. Merry Christmas to your blog.

Mary said...

Hi Rachel, your blog is soooo cute! Hugs from another Sloanie, Mary

a good yarn said...

Fab festive festooning Rachel!

Amanda said...

I love the new banner, and the music!

Merry Christmas Rachel's blog!

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