my big brother.

02 December 2008

so this is me & sean.
aren't we the cutest kids alive???
{momma is shaking her head yes right this second!!!}

i ♥ my big brother like crazy!!!
i am SO freaking excited to see him this christmas!!!

i hate to admit this...
but it's been FOREVER since we've laid eyes on each other.
the picture of me & him at the swing...that was the last time.
{jackson is in my belly!!!}
that was may of 2001.

in our defense:
sean was in the national guard.
i live in ohio.

between our last visit to THIS christmas this has happened:
sean got married.
i got married.
sean has 4 kids!!!
i have 3 kids!!!

crazy huh???

and so this is me & sean at present time.

he took that pic of himself last week.
mine was taken twilight night.

just think...
pretty soon i will be posting NEW pics of me & him together!!!
how exciting is that???
so exciting that i just cried typing that!!!
7 years is WAY to long.

so now that i'm a crying mess.
{and calling my momma as i type!!!}
i'll make yall {more like myself} laugh about me & sean.

it's funny though how much we are alike.
like the coolest/weirdest thing i love about us is this:
i eat with my left hand. write with my right hand.
sean eats with his right hand. writes with his left hand.
how nifty is that???

the awesome news is that:
i, rachel, get to hug my brother, sean, really SOON!!!
to be exact:
16 days and a wake up!!!

p.s. i don't think i've told yall...but momma's test results were perfect!!!
thanks for the emails.
yall are too sweet.

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Kritta22 said...

Oh you are so lucky to get to see family!! So awesome! We want to see pictures!

PurpleQuilterQueen said...

That is so cool. Can't wait to see pics of you and your brother and all his kids and your kids together. That will make a great family picture. Hint hint....great pic for your momma too! Jennifer

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