all because of a beautiful 3 year old.

17 January 2009

so you are looking at the very first quilt top i EVER made.
i know...interesting huh???

well first camera sucks.
and yes...that's the best way to put it.

so what's the big deal about this quilt top???
well i JUST now...TODAY...quilted it. DID read that right!!!

so here's what happened...
i started this quilt way back when melanie wasn't even a gleam in our eye.
{she's 3 now.}
well it's been pinned and ready to go for a few years now.

why for a few years???
because i learned alot about quilting since then...and to me...this quilt top sucked!!!
that's the god's to honest truth.

so it's been sitting in my stash...waiting.
i added it to my 'quilting resolutions list' thinking it might help me get it done.

finally today i got fed up with it taking up space!!!
i was hell bent that it was getting finished.
at this point i was ready to just finish it and take it to goodwill.
{yes i hated it that much!!!}

well i started working on it...
then melanie came up to me and said, "mommy it looks like my blankie."
{some insight: i made her a simple block quilt with the leftover big squares.}
and i said, "it sure does baby!"

so then like the whole afternoon she would walk up to me and say...
"mommy i really like this quilt."
i know...rips your heart out doesn't it!!!

at this point i start thinking about what was going on in our life when i made this top.
just me, shane & on the beach.
this was before i even owned a rotary cutter!!!
{that's right...i cut this bad boy out entirely by scissors.}

it's quilted now.
still needs binding.
but there it is.

and here's my conclusion...
i HAVE to keep it.
it's SO not flawless.
but it SO reminds me of our life.
{the griffith's...before we were the 5 of us.}

i mean how could i get rid of it???
especially after my 3 year old ooh'd & aah'd over it all afternoon!!!

so here it is.
my first quilt top...with plenty of character.
but it's ours.

p.s. and seriously...sorry about the lame-o pics.

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Dragon's Dolphin said...

If you think that quilt top sucks I'm not sure I want you seeing any of my quilting! Good Lord, I think its pretty. So there are flaws. Big deal! Do you think all the quilts my grandmother quilted by hand (and that includes sewing all the blocks together by hand) were flawless? NO, but they are priceless to me! It who makes it, who its for, and why you made it for them in the first place that matters! Not if it is flawless or not.

Lynn said...

Rachel, I think it's really cute! I'm glad seeing it through your daughter's eyes has made you want to keep it.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your pictures are absolutely fine! Well done for getting it it feels good to get it done.

BTW did you get my email? Hope it didn't land in your spam folder ;o)

Pat said...

I think it was a very ambitious undertaking for a first quilt and I like it. I'm glad little Miss Melanie had the sense to convince you it need to STAY in your home!

Stacey said...

I like it, great job!!

Trisha said...

I think it is awesome that you pulled it out and finished it! It will be nice to have it all done and what a bonus that your little cutie loves it!

Anonymous said...!!! Scissors?? Are you nutts?? I would frame that baby and hang it on the mantel after all that hard work!! I would wrap it around me and wear it around town. hehehe

Carrie P. said...

It is a great first quilt and you have to let your 3year old keep it.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Rachel this turned out lovley. Flaws are what make things wonderful. Nothing of mine is flawless.

GARI said...

For someone who didn't know what she was doing and did it with no tools, that is a great quilt. Your daughter knows what she is talking about.

a good yarn said...

That's such a lovely quilt and you must pleased to have finished it at last. It will always have the most wonderful story attached to it.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Dionne said...

What a wonderful story, isn't your daughter just precious! And now she has a(nother) quilt~ one that she loves as unconditionally as she loves you. The story behind the quilt and the love that you put into making it always seems to be more important to children than the 'pulls and puckers'. Thank you for posting pics and sharing this story, reads like this make me happy all day long (and want to give my own little one a hug or two!)

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