decisions. decisions.

18 January 2009

12 moda fat quarters.
monthly cost is $30 plus shipping.
$5 membership fee.
ships at the beginning of every month.
6 identical moda charm packs.
monthly cost will vary. plus shipping.
{with a 15% discount.}
$10 membership fee.
ships around the 15th of every month.
1 moda layer cake.
monthly cost is $30 plus shipping.
$10 membership fee.
ships around the 14th of every month.
1 moda jelly roll.
monthly cost is $30 plus shipping.
$10 membership fee.
ships around the 15th of every month.
2 moda honey buns.
monthly cost is $37.50 plus shipping.
$10 membership fee.
ships around the 24th of every month.

so with that being said:
i can't make a decision.
but i wanna do one of them.

which one would YOU do???
which one DO you already do???
inquiring minds want to know.

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Pat said...

For crying out loud, can you expect us to make that kind of decision???? I's imposssible. So...all things being equal, I say.....assign each choice a # and then have your DH pick a # and then go with THAT one. I can't go wrong with any of them, so, just basically, close your eyes and pick!!! LOL

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh Gosh Rachel. I would do them all if I could! I love how the Fat quarter shop packages things and has clubs.

Sherri said...

I'm with Nanette...I'd do them all if I could...I'm sort of addicted to the Fat Quarter Shop's website as it is...and I am seriously thinking about the new designer mystery block of the month for 2009...the fabric Glace' looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I think if you can do two a month, a layer cake with a jelly roll is very versatile and I see lots of patterns based on those two. I want to do their reproduction club.

quilting_queen_57 said...

I am in the "layer cake" club. What's great is if I don't like the selection for the month I can pick a different layer cake that I like better.

Is is really too late to join the calendar club?

rachel griffith said...

quilting queen:
they let you switch it if you don't like it???

and you can still join.
please email me.
i tried to email you, but you are a no-reply blogger.

here's my email address:

Brenda said...

I am a charm pack lover myself, but you do always need a little bit of yardage for borders, etc.

John said...

i'm a big fan of the layer cakes, personally. 10" blocks are really versatile, i've found. and you can always cut them up to charm square size, too! i prefer them to jelly rolls ... mostly because a lot of the cool big patterns that i like get lost in the jelly rolls.

John said...

ps. i LOVE your blog header!!

a good yarn said...

I'd love to alternate bewteen charm packs and layer cakes but then I'd just have more fabric I never make into anything! *chuckle*

Happy Stitching..Ann :)

rachel griffith said...

ohh ann.
you make me laugh.

Jennifer said...

Fat quarter club, all the way!! That's the one I like. Then I can use them for applique, mini-quilts...and what's this about big love (saw your comment on Monica's blog). I freaking LOVE that show! I stayed up past my bedtime to watch it!!

Kritta22 said...

I am a part of the Jelly Roll Club as of a few days ago.

I love the fact that I'll get fabric every month!! :)

Trisha said...

That would be a hard choice for me too! Whatever you pick, you can't lose!

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