'just give me my magazine and nobody gets hurt!!!'

09 January 2009

okay so for some strange reason THIS magazine is sold out in northern ohio.
i know weird right???

what...did everyone want it the same time i did???
i think so.

i got a letter that my subscription ran out.
well i forgot about it with the hustle & bustle of the holidays.

so here i am...
the only quilter in northern ohio without my feb 09 mccall's quilting magazine.
it's driving me insane.

does anyone have an extra copy???
or did you spot extras at your local walmart???

i'll pay you for it!!!
or we can barter some fat quarters or something.
i don't wanna order it online because by the time i pay shipping it's a $15 magazine.

email me if you wanna help me out.

i sound like some kind of addict don't i???
'just give me my magazine and nobody gets hurt!!!'

okay so he's seriously same ol' andrew...times 3.
me on the other hand...i'm dragging trying to keep up!!!
i think those staples were sugar coated and it went straight to his bloodstream.
and seriously...thanks for all the emails...yall are the best.

magazine UPDATE:
krista is mailing me one!!!
i won a box of chocolates on her blog so she's adding the mag to the mix.
so krista...this quote is for you:
'ew, ew, ew, ew ew ew ew ew. ugly naked guy got a thighmaster.'

p.s. if yall don't get it...watch more f.r.i.e.n.d.s
you'll love it...trust me.

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

I know I've seen that magazine at the store. If I come across it I'll grab it for you though. I promise I will. Dont want anyone getting hurt.

a good yarn said...

Take a big deep breath...that's it...keep breathing..calm blue ocean...calm blue ocean. I'm sure it's just temporary that northern Ohio has suddenly become the Bermuda Triangle for McCalls Quilting magazine.

Glad to hear that wee Andrew has recovered from his ordeal (even if you haven't!).

Cheers...Ann :)

Kritta22 said...

I just bought one at JoAnn's today... I'll ship it to you with your candy! Monday sound alright?

Kritta22 said...

LOL I love that one!!

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