man down.

29 January 2009

that's right troops.
i'm sick now too.

except i'm not doing the whole throwing up thing.
i just have the yucky snotty, congested chest thing with a sore throat.

now doesn't that sound like fun???

going to bed now.

p.s. i know a post isn't a post without a picture...but forgive me.

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Sherri said...'s just not least you don't have everything your kids had! Get better soon!

Stacey said...

awww, that stinks, hope you feel better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, my best friend is down! I'll be over soon with a full arsenal of drugs and soup!! :)

Love you,

Carrie P. said...

Get well soon!!

a good yarn said...

Your poor poppet...lie low for now...things will improve.

Take care of your self...Ann :)

Darci said...

You cracked me up with the whole "man down". Sorry you are sick, atleast you are not throwing up, to me that is the WORST.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Girl friend, I know just how you feel. I’ve felt that way since right before Christmas. I hope you get over yours quickly!

Sara said...

Awww, I am sorry your sick. I hate to be sick. Is your hubby at least taking care of you?

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