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10 January 2009

okay yall saw the list.
you know the list.
my monster quilting resolutions list.

yeah well that list didn't stop me.
i am offically part of the cottage quilting bee.

it's our very own virtual quilting bee.
isn't that cool???

tina is the team captain on this one.
{i had the pleasure of making the button though!!!}

there are 18 of us.
yes i said 18.
aren't we cooler than cool???
i think yes!!!

check it out to see how it works.
even the hubby thought it was the coolest thing since wonder bread.

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Kritta22 said...

Why do you do this to us?? Didn't you see our lists too??

I asked if I could play but it looks like it's closed. That's cool....keep up updated!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I know that you wanted everyone signed up by the January 7, but is there any way I can do the calendar quilt with y'all? I'm just now finding your blog and think it is a really cool idea. I found you through other bloggers that are doing the YCMT Make It Up as You Go Quilt and I've decided I'd try to do quilts this year--call it my resolution that I really want to learn how to do simple quilts--complex ones will be down the line. If I'm not able to "join in" with your group--maybe I can keep up with y'all's progress and do one on my own anyway. But tips from you and other quilters would be helpful.
Crafting/Quilting together,

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're with us cottage quilters!! I heard that the first month's fabrics are on their way to me! WOOT!!

Kritta22 said...

We're headed to bed and I thought of you when I heard this...

"I don't want Stevie to see her like this."

Come on Rosetta, us chicas have to stay b*tch!

John said...

i'm excited to get this group rolling!

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