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05 January 2009

have yall seen this???
miss anne sutton is doing a free bom!!!

i ♥ her patterns & designs.
i KNOW i'm gonna ♥ this bom mystery quilt!!!

basically each month for the next 12 months,
you'll get one free block around the 5th of each month.
she'll announce it on her blog when the block is available.
{or just sign up for her newsletter and get it that way.}

she's gonna start a flickr group too!!!

so all you have to do is click on the button to get started.
{or click on the one on my taskbar.}

and yes...i know what yall are thinking...
"she JUST showed us that HUGE list...now she's adding THIS!!!"
yep. i SO am.

oh my gosh i forgot to tell yall that i'm doing THIS too.
i know i know...stop the madness rachel!!!

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Anonymous said...


I was able to add you to our little quilting bee, so that's one more thing to add to your list!


Beth said...

looks fun! I am hosting a children's Valentine sawp if your interested :O)

a good yarn said...

Will you stop posting this stuff! I have enough to do but you just had to go and put it on your blog...with a link...which I clicked...only to find the sweetest little snowman block.

Darn, drat, doodle! I have a soft spot for snowmen...and... baskets ...and applique...and now I *have* to join in.

I blame you, it's your fault.

(It is going to be fun though and I've already picked the fabrics for the first block. Thanks Rachel. You find all the best stuff!)

Cheers, Ann :)

andsewon said...

I do think this wonderful Bunny Hill BOM is making the blog rounds.
I just posted about it on mine and a pic of my block today!!
Have all my baskets, and backgroud pcs ready to go.
I am doing this first one up as a small wall hanging too.. love my snow folks!!!
You go gal!!!

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