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12 February 2009

okay so it's looking like yall want to join in on my virtual quilting bee!!!
that's awesome!!!

just keep in mind that nothing is set in stone yet.
and that this is my 1st go around with hosting my own bee.
so please be patient with me.

now for some details:
most virtual quilting bees average around 12-24 people.
at this time i have NO clue how many will be in this bee.
{i quite honestly already have enough people to run a few bees. WOW.}

the basic outline is this:
everyone in the swap will be assigned a month.
when it's your month, you will send out a packet of fabrics to each of the other quilters.
{enough to make one block.}
these packets should be from a set of fabrics that you want a quilt made out of.
you can state any preferences {likes/dislikes} that you want for your block.
edit: i should clarify on 'you can state any preferences'...
my goal here is to run a bee that is beginner friendly.
i don't want anyone to feel intimidated or like they are out of their league.
so if you want 15 paper pieced blocks...this is SO not the bee for you my friend.

during your month, everyone else will make you a block and send it back to you.
then you will have enough blocks to make a quilt.

for all other months of the swap:
you will receive one person's fabric and make a single block.
then you will send it back to that person.

so you're only sending fabrics when it's your month.
and one block per month is a pretty small time commitment.

depending on the group size we might be making 2 blocks a month for some months.
{this would be if there are between 13-18 people in this bee.}

oh and everyone is responsible for their own postage!!!

so now that yall have some details...your thoughts???

p.s. to see some other bees in action...

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Deb said...

Sounds like a great plan!! I'm still interested :)

Mushyhed said...

Count me in! Let me know what info I need to send you. Thanks for hosting the bee!

John said...

hee hee ... I told you you'd be swamped! so many people want to play! one suggestion -- you said that people can state "any preferences they want". i always made a point with my groups that i wanted them to be beginner-friendly and didn't want anyone to feel intimidated or "out of their league" ... so i allow preferences to a point. but nothing specific like "i only want paper pieced blocks" or "i want embroidery or applique". preferences are cool, as long as a beginner can still piece something and not feel bad about what they make. sorry ... just my 2 cents! (actually, i'm up to about 16 cents by now, right?)

John said...

oh, and i don't mind sitting out and watching from afar if you have too many people this round.

Linda said...

I'm interested, I have a couple of questions. Will you be keeping this with the US, or will internation stitchers be included? Just wondering about postage costs. How beginner is your beginner?

Natasha said...

I would definitely like to be in! I am in Germany though so as long as people don't mind sending internationally.

Or maybe we can do 2 groups one willing to send international and one domestic. I am happy to help with the organisation if you would like.

Aunt Donna said...

Sounds like fun; I am definitely interested. (And FYI: as a fan of paper piecing, it can be one of the simplest and most gratifying forms of quilting ever, I tell my newbie quilter friends that it's almost dummy proof!) Keep me posted!

Stacey said...

so, about how much fabric do you buy, like a yard of each fabric?? then cut it up and send some to each person??

Messy Karen said...

if there's room for one more i'd love to join.

Natalie said...

Sounds good to me!! I think it isn't asking too much of everyone yet still keeping it fun.

Kat said...

So I just watched Juno for the first time yesterday and consequently, this popped into my head.

If your still in, I'm still in.

I'm super excited!

Deanna said...

I'm still interest! count me in!

The Rausch's said...

I'd love to participate as well!! Sounds perfect for a beginner like myself!!

My only question is how much fabric do you buy?

nettie said...

i'd love to be in your bee, but like john, if you have too many, I can sit out. I'm already involved in two other bees...

thanks rachel.

Dionne said...

Sounds like fun, I'll be sure to sign up for your next round!

Dianah said...

Can I get in? Let me know

Lisa said...

Rachel, I'd love to be in, if you need another! I've been jealously watching the other bees for a while now, but I'm definitely a beginner and a little intimidated by some of the beautiful work out there. No way to get better but to do it though, right?

PS I owe the calendar quilt an update too, maybe Monday I can take some pics!

kvinta said...

I would love to participate too! This would then be my very first bee.

So I feel a little intimidated, as do not know any of the traditional blocks, I have mostly done easy/modern patterns (besides the log cabin).

I am from Denmark and thus interested in an international bee ;)

Brilliant initiative, thanks!

linda said...

Hi! If you're still accepting participants, I'm in!

Purple and Paisley said...

i would still love to be included...

Kerri said...

i am definatley in if you have room for one more. :)

this would be my first bee, and am so excited at the thought.

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