arabella, bella, & ballerinas.

24 February 2009

aren't these fat quarters gorgeous???

i'd like everyone to meet arabella.
{pat sloan's brand new fabric line.}

i oooh'd & aaah'd over them like crazy when they got here.
i even sent pat a picture of me hugging them.
{i was hugging my new secret garden kit too.}

yeah i'm a dork...but yall ♥ me!!!

thank you SO super much for buying me the arabella motherload from pat.
this is the best st. patty's gift EVER!!!
i heart you!!!

now this...this made me cry!!!

terri sent me this beautiful quilted angel today.
it's the sweetest thing. EVER.
her dress and wings are made from a vintage quilt.
the lady who makes them finds the quilts at estate and antique sales.
how cool is that???

i think i'll name her isabella, and call her bella.
yes my friends, like bella from twilight.
{don't laugh. i know i'm obsessed.}

and terri:
again...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
i will cherish her forever.

now aren't these the cutest little repro fats???
{especially the ballerinas!!!}
these are from john.

we decided to have our own personal fat quarter swap.
we were supposed to only send 2 fat quarters.
of course, neither one of us followed that rule.

i really, really ♥ them.
thank you, again.

so there you have it:
arabella, bella & ballerinas.
today was brought to you by the letter b.

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Quilt Nut said...

LOVE that new fabric line, can't wait to get my hands on some of that!

and i love your Bella! New Moon starts filming here in 3 more weeks-woo hoo!

Anonymous said...


Those are gorgeous!!

Going to go check them out immediately, if not sooner.


a good yarn said...

So are they just for oggling or will they be made into something? Pat is such a clever girl. Bella is a sweetie, will she watch over you as you sew? Pretty fats.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Kritta22 said...

Oh are the luckiest person I know!! Wonderful, wonderful wonderful!

Stephanie said...

What a lovely stack of fabric. Isn't Terri the sweetest? I have my angel across from my sewing table so I can see her all the time.

Pat said...

Your new camera is taking some great photos...thanks for sharing!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

B, B, B, B, Its the letter B...Brought to you today by Sesame Street!
Girl, you're watching too much PBS TV! LOL The sad part is I heard the stupid music in my head as soon as you said brought to you by the letter b! Guess I spent too much time watching PBS when my kids were that age.
Love the fats and Bella! Now I want to see what you're going to be making with them!

Sarah said...

Hi Rachael - I've been following your blog for a while now...ever since I didn't get picked for your Bee (sniff, sniff).
Anyway, I'm a Twilight fan as well. In fact, I blogged about it recently and felt really stupid...until I saw that you were a fan too...and in your picture you had a Twilight shirt on. How cool is that! Tell me, what team are you on?
- Sarah

Regi said...

beautiful fabrics and what a very sweet angel. You are one lucky gal.

Purple and Paisley said...

wow - that fabric is awesome! your mom gets you st. pat's day gifts? can you have her contact my mom, please? ☺

so glad you like your nice and share with your daughter please...

Darlene said...

So much cuteness going on here! You have been busy, busy, busy! Love your Bella - she's quite cute.

Sherri said...

I love your fabrics...all of them...good for you!!!

amandajean said...

i hope you don't mind, but i drooled all over your new fabrics. so so pretty!!!

Beth said...

Rachel, your FSQS quilt came and I LOVE it! The greens are beyond perfect for me, and I love the opposite corners...and the backing fabric!! I may just have to rotate it front and back so I can look at the lovely backing fabric!

Thanks so much, I'll be blogging about it today!

Mishka said...

My Arabella arrived today .. super gorgeous. Can't wait to do something special with it.


TexasRed said...

These are beautiful fabrics & what a fantastic idea about the vintage quilt!!

Carrie P. said...

Your angel is so cute. Terri sent me one for my birthday. She is so sweet.

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