australia brushfires.

09 February 2009

with the brushfires devastating australia right now,
i couldn't bring myself to just post something meaningless.

i just want all my aussie pals to know that my heart aches for you & your country.
my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family & your friends.

i know that with being here in america, there's not much i can offer.
i've been aching for a way to help all of the people affected.

luckily i wasn't the only one feeling this way.
i was reading john's blog and came across the brushfire quilt project.
and i felt so grateful to be able to help in some small way.

basically you make a 12.5” quilt block {or two} and send it to tia.
{she is the wife of one of our serviceman posted in australia.}
she will assemble the quilt tops, quilt them up and send them on to the families.

i realize it's not much...but at least it's something.
little things go a long way for people who have been reduced to having nothing.

being the givers that most quilters are,
i believe this is the best opportunity to share our love for australia.
i'm writing this with the goal to try to generate more helpers.
a 12.5" block is something most of us can do within an hour.
{or you can donate fabric to someone else willing to make a block.}

my heart has been aching for australia and i've felt SO helpless.
at least now i know i'm doing something to help.
even if it's just some of my scrap fabric sewn together.

you can read about the brushfires HERE.

and HERE is another way to put your craftyness to use for australia.

and fyi: jackson was sent home today because he has pink eye.

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Linda said...

Thanks for the link Rachel, as an Aussie living here I wanted to help out my fellow countrymen and women.

a good yarn said...

A big thank you to you Rachel and all the bloggers who have sent their prayers and kind thoughts to those in Victoria affected by this terrible event. I am safely well away from the threat but realised how fortunate I am to have my family and my home safe and intact.

A big thanks to Tia, the wife of a US servicemen posted to Australia, who is organising these quilts.

Local guilds and groups will soon take up collections of fabric, needles, thread, etc to make up *care* packages for fellow quilters who have lost everything in the fires.

Workplaces all over Australi have been collecting money, toys and other items. Corporate Australia has committed itself financially and is arranging all manner of things the survivors will need.

There will be a long slow rebuilding process as these people put their lives back together again.

On behalf of all Australians thank you.

Ann :)

Kritta22 said...

Oh my gosh! I had no idea! I've been out of the world news for a few days! Oh I'm so sorry to our aussie friends. YOu are in my prayers!

I'm going to check out the block thing!

Anonymous said...

you haven't mentioned your momma lately?

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for this post Rachel! I have also posted it on my blog and will definitely be making some blocks to send!

Jackie said...

Fantastic post! I like you, my heart goes out to all those in Australia.

Carrie P. said...

thanks for the links.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

We have our own problems in our little worlds in our homes and communities - sometimes big problems, - and sometimes catastrophies. Like Australia. So sad. It makes life's problems come to perspective.

the Campfollower said...

HI Rachel!

Thanks so much for the link to the Bushfire Quilt project. Together we will all make some special quilts for the Australians who have lost so very much. Oh and I must say, I love your taste in tunes! I have the same songs playing in my world!


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