the devil lives 3 doors down.

07 February 2009

so my quilt shop...
well not MY quilt shop...
just mine as in: i stimulate the economy there all the time!!!

my quilt shop had a super bolt sale on super bowl sunday.
yeah i went.
yeah i stimulated the economy again!!!

these pictures are all the evidence yall need.
some good ol' 1930's fats, a yard of white fabric & some MUCH needed irish fabrics.
yeah it was a good day.
{until the stinkin' steelers won!!!}

wanna hear the worst part???
i went back YESTERDAY and stimulated the economy again!!!

the problem here is this:
it's only 3 doors down.
yeah i know.
tragic huh???
being only 3 doors down from a quilt shop.

i live in mayberry so it's a long 3 doors down.
but's SO tempting.

and yesterday i only went in there for buttons.
but came out with fabric too.
{yall know how it works!!!}

oh and melanie was with i bought her some bunny fabric.
yes i bought my 3 year old bunny fabric.
but it's cute!!! and she was such a good girl!!!
pics coming soon to a blog near you.

just look for a post called:
melanie made me do it!!!

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Sherri said...

I would give (almost) anything to live three doors down from a quilt shop!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

3 doors??? I'd be happy if there was one in town!!!

Now come on Rache, you really think that the precious little 3 year old was the culprit? Nah, I think that Rachel was the one that made you do it and then blame it on her!

Love the fabrics you've stimulated the economy with!

Kritta22 said...

Oh my gosh! How do you even have money for food? If I lived three long doors down from anything but houses, I would not have any money left for food. BUT a QUILT shop!

Where are the bunny fabric pictures??

Anonymous said...

That sounds dangerous. My friend in Tokyo says they sell fabric in the grocery store...that would be difficult. At least everyone would think you just bought food.

Anna M. said...

Cute, love, love the irish ones! =)

Deanna said...

i would love to live that close to a quilt shop too! BUT Joann's is less then a mile so that will just have to be good enough! BUT OH WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE to have a nice fabric shop closer then just over ten miles away!!

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