groundhog day.

02 February 2009

so i had high hopes today.
get up.
quilt. quilt. and quilt.

did that happen???
not so much.

what DID happed???
how about an emergency call to the sump pump guys.
yes my back yard was full of...yeah that.

okay so then hubby tries to cheer me up.
{thank god it was his day off.}
we redid the main bathroom!!!
we wallpapered it.
{only because the house is a century house and those walls need alot of work for paint.}
went and bought new outlet covers, towels, curtains...the works.
i was starting to enjoy my day again.
{even though i wasn't quilting.}

then what happened???
i'm pulling out of the target parking lot and mandie calls.
she's sitting in the er.
before yall freak out...she's fine.

so i spent my night at the er.
with manders.
and while i was there, hubby finished the bathroom.
such a sweet guy.

not my ideal day.
but at least the snow in my backyard won't be stinky...
my bathroom is FINALLY finished...
and my best friend is okay...
thank god.

happy groundhog day rachel.
thank god i'm not bill murray.

p.s. i did get THIS in the mail.
thank you des & corrie.

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Deanna said...

sounds like a busy, busy day! glad you got the back yard problem taken care of!

and wow! new decor in the bath!! i've been wanting to do that for ages and just don't have the time!


Thimbleanna said...

Boy, sounds like you're really glad THAT day is over! Glad the sump problem is fixed, glad your pal is ok, and glad you're feeling better!

Linda said...

Glad Mandie was fine! Sorry you did not get any quilting in, but think that it is wonderful that you got your bathroom redone! :)

sheila said...

whenever I have high hopes of sewing it never seems to work that way....

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Yeah, having a day like you had over and over would really be bad! Of course having one like I had wouldn’t be much better. Glad to hear that Mandie-No-Blog is ok and that it wasn’t anything serious. You really need to tell her to get her own blog instead of being a go-between.And seriously girl, a new bathroom redo? Where are the PICS???? ~Shelly~

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