mountain baby blankets. {2nd post for today.}

19 February 2009

so here i was just jumping around blogland.
and i popped over to nettie's blog.

nettie was saying that she couldn't bear the thought of blanket less babies.
and that's all it took.
i was a crying mess in about 2.5 seconds.

i followed the link to rachel's blog.
and rachel went into detail about these babies.
{for more story details go here.}

well basically rachel is taking action!!!
she's has personally started a project to help provide these babies with blankets.

they don't even have to be quilts per say.
please go to rachel's blog for details if you wanna help out.

i know i HAVE to do something.
the thought of babies being cold, and blanket less is too much to bear.
it's heartbreaking.

i know this is post #2 for today...but i just wanna spread the word.
i know that quilters give back more than anyone.
especially when children are involved.

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Rachel said...


Thank you so much for helping!


Des said...

I'm SO glad I saw this. Thanks for talking about it!

Katie said...

I just mailed out some stars for the Australian Bush Fire project yesterday and was wondering what to do next...I can't seem to motivate myself to finish a project for me, but if there's someone else out there I want to make something for, I'll work all night cause I'm crazy. So I open your blog today and what do I find? A new project! I checked it out and it sounds great! Guess I know what to do with those kid-print scraps now... Though you don't post much on APQ any more (we miss your witty humor and fantastic projects), I guess this is just another "Rachel made me do it" project...times two!

holly said...

Thank you for posting the link for this. My hubby is from that area of Kentucky. I am going to make something.

V and Co. said...

lol, no you are no help what so ever on the chair thing...

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