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04 February 2009

remember this post when the hubby said i could go shopping???
well...here are my lovely gifts.
thanks again hubby.
you are the bestest...EVER!!!

yum. yum.
i can't wait to make potholders out of this bistro jelly roll!!!
{and i'm thinking maybe an apron too.}

i bought a hartfield charm pack to make melanie a doll house quilt.
the yardage will be the backing.
{it's sew much love by diane knott.}
cute huh???

and then there's 5 yards of pure white fabric to just play with!!!

i've been wanting to make a civil war quilt since forever.
so i'm SUPER stoked about this layer cake of civil war crossings!!!
and the hubby really likes it.

and i FINALLY got my hands on some cotton blossoms!!!
did i say FINALLY???
yeah...this is my happy face!!!
{i got a layer cake of it!!!}

and i couldn't resist darci's first swap...
so i added it to the mix.
check it out by clicking the button.

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a good yarn said...

Gosh Rachel, you always buy the most delightful fabrics. I am loving them all!

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Kritta22 said...

Oh I love that Cotton Blossom!

How do you afford all these swaps and switchy-hoos and stuff? You must be a gazillionaire!

Jackie said...

Great hubby! and Great fabric buys! Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Sara said...

Wow Rachel you got some really awesome fabric! And what a great hubby to let you go shopping. Can't wait to see it all finished and what you make with it all!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'm seeing some wonderful fabric there on your post. Too man great ones out right now to chose huh??

happy zombie said...

Fabric score! I too want to make a civil war quilt. I've made a few shop samples of some, but never for myself.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Woo Hoo girl friend, you really racked up with the fabric. It’s all so pretty. You are so lucky to have a hubby that loves you so much and supports you so much. Aren’t hubbies like that a blessing to have? I’ve got one and wouldn’t trade him for the world. Glad to hear that you’re in Darci’s swap as well. Maybe I’ll end up with some of your beautiful finds. Hope I can find some pretty stuff like you do—not much to choose from around here! ~Shelly~

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful hubby and great fabric purchases!!!!

andsewon said...

now you can just send the cotton blossom on over to me gal...those are my colors ya know...;-)
great haul for sure !!

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