we the people mini swap.

03 February 2009

isn't this a pretty bundle of fabric???
i ♥ it.

this is the bundle i sent to my swap partner, rebecca. {no blog.}
i was only supposed to send 15, but i got a little carried away.
ooops. tehehe.

i was on the ball for this one and mailed it the day after we got our partners names.
she emailed me the other day and said she got it.
and she ♥s it too!!!

i haven't gotten mine yet...deadline to be mailed is the 9th.
but i wanted to share this pic.
i'll show yall when i get my little fabric bundle.

i ♥ this pic SO much that it's the wallpaper on my laptop.
yeah...i'm a dork...and proud of it.

p.s. jackson was sent home from school today for throwing up!!!
when will this madness end???
so far i'm thinking that 2009 doesn't like me very much.

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Darci said...

Oh I need to host a swap, I think I will soon. Sorry that he is still sick, I think that is the worst thing in the world to have sick kids.

Sara said...

Glad you are all starting to feel better! Love the fabric bundle you sent out, too cute!

Purple and Paisley said...

both grandkids are either throwing up now or just getting over it...2009 is starting out crappy...flu really bad here...just close your eyes and imagine how nice it will be when spring and summer arrive!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I hadn't heard of the We the People swap. Sounds interesting and the fabric is really pretty. Seems you always seem to find the prettiest stuff! You know there really ought to be a blog that lists all these different swaps and all so that more of us would know about them before they're almost over! Sounds like something you'd be good at--you seem to know about them all! LOL Sorry that Jackson is sick. It seems to be making its rounds EVERYWHERE!

Darci said...

Ok I fixed the no reply blogger thingy, I didn't even know about it so thanks for letting me know. I also did the Swap thing!!!!!

Kritta22 said...

Poor Jackson! I hope you fell better Dude!

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